[mythtv-theming] Simpler TV usage (with keyboard) GUI

Brendon Costa brendon.j.costa at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 23:02:30 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am in the process of switching my HTPC from Media Portal to MythTV and I
want to know if there is a theme or customization I can have for the MythTv
frontend that makes it behave more similar to the TV menu in Media Portal?

The big issue I have with the Myth user interface (Using 0.24 right now) is
that to schedule recordings, I have to go into maybe 4 different menus to
bring up the guide.

But even worse it that to watch live TV, it seems like I can't just use the
guide to switch to live TV. I can only use that guide to schedule

In media portal, if you pressed enter on an entry that was showing *now* it
would just start watching it. In Myth I can't seem to do this, I have to go
back out to the top level menu, go to Watch TV then hit the 'S' key (of all
things....) bring up a "live tv guide" and then select what I want to watch.

The Myth TV frontend seems fairly customizable, so is customizing something
simple to do what I want possible? And if so where is the best place to
look for information on how to do so?

As a side note, I am using 0.24 so I can also try out XBMC with the mythbox
plugin. This looks nice, but I am finding it locks up occasionally (and my
myth frontend has also crashed a few times when switching channels of live
tv). So I would prefer to move to MythTv 0.25 and use the official MythTV
frontend if I can get it working as I want.

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