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Federico Ferri federico.ferri at yahoo.it
Mon Jul 26 21:06:23 UTC 2010

Thank you Michael for your answer.
Sorry, i wasn't clear enaugh....
I'm devolping a theme for trunk, with the new MythUI engine and i know many pages are "in progress".

I was asking expecially for srt subtitles or subtitles for the video sections, but indeed i am interested in DVB subtitle too..

i've asked this because since some revisions ago i could adjust the font size with the setup menu (something about ATSC font.... i think). Now the setup menu has changed and the font became really small an thin...

By the way... i will wait your good work on the MythUI will be finished.

Thank you very much!

In data luned́ 26 luglio 2010 19:18:21, Michael T. Dean ha scritto:
: >   On 07/26/2010 05:47 AM, Federico Ferri wrote:
> > I'm developing a new theme, i can't figured out how I should do to increase the size of subtitles?
> >
> > Is it something into the theme-xml or in the configuration setup?
> TTBOMK, there is no (and has never been) support for changing the font 
> size of "analog" captions/subtitles (EIA-608 captions).  The 
> specification required that systems choose an appropriate font size 
> (some 1/19th the screen height or something like that--been a while 
> since I looked).
> For EIA-708 captions (the ATSC captions), the specification encourages 
> implementations to allow user control over the font size.  At this point 
> (TTBOMK), we do not have code to allow changing the caption size, but we 
> do plan to allow it once code is written.  I'm sure we would apply the 
> same code to non-ATSC text-based subtitles, too (i.e. other "digital" 
> subtitles, not including the bitmapped subtitles).
> Note, also, that current trunk does not support changing the font used 
> with captions.  (Again, for 708 captions, the spec encourages 
> implementations to allow it.)  When the OSD was rewritten to use 
> MythUI***, it completely changed the way we were getting fonts, so we 
> need all new code to allow changing fonts.  My preference is to have 
> that specified by the themer (along with font sizes), but we haven't yet 
> come to a final decision on the implementation.
> Mike
> ***And, by the way, since the OSD implementation has changed completely, 
> if you write an OSD theme for 0.23-fixes and below, it will not work 
> with trunk or 0.24 (when released).  So, for maximum longevity, you 
> probably want to write any OSD themes for trunk.  Just mentioning this 
> in case you weren't aware.
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