[mythtv-theming] Subtitles font size

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jul 26 17:18:21 UTC 2010

  On 07/26/2010 05:47 AM, Federico Ferri wrote:
> I'm developing a new theme, i can't figured out how I should do to increase the size of subtitles?
> Is it something into the theme-xml or in the configuration setup?

TTBOMK, there is no (and has never been) support for changing the font 
size of "analog" captions/subtitles (EIA-608 captions).  The 
specification required that systems choose an appropriate font size 
(some 1/19th the screen height or something like that--been a while 
since I looked).

For EIA-708 captions (the ATSC captions), the specification encourages 
implementations to allow user control over the font size.  At this point 
(TTBOMK), we do not have code to allow changing the caption size, but we 
do plan to allow it once code is written.  I'm sure we would apply the 
same code to non-ATSC text-based subtitles, too (i.e. other "digital" 
subtitles, not including the bitmapped subtitles).

Note, also, that current trunk does not support changing the font used 
with captions.  (Again, for 708 captions, the spec encourages 
implementations to allow it.)  When the OSD was rewritten to use 
MythUI***, it completely changed the way we were getting fonts, so we 
need all new code to allow changing fonts.  My preference is to have 
that specified by the themer (along with font sizes), but we haven't yet 
come to a final decision on the implementation.


***And, by the way, since the OSD implementation has changed completely, 
if you write an OSD theme for 0.23-fixes and below, it will not work 
with trunk or 0.24 (when released).  So, for maximum longevity, you 
probably want to write any OSD themes for trunk.  Just mentioning this 
in case you weren't aware.

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