[Mythtv-soc] Commercial Flagging Update August 18 2006

Randy Robertson rmrobert at usc.edu
Fri Aug 18 20:00:52 UTC 2006

This week I've been continuing my progress with Audio Analysis, and
have finished implementing archival and retrieval of past commercial
cut points in the database.  Right now my code supports mutiple
threads, but I've had problems actually getting multiple NVP's running
on the same file (I believe I will, at the very least need to make
sure they use differently named RingBuffers), this however, I believe
to be a minor issue, so I've coded around it, so when it is working,
there are no changes to be made.  Right now, I just run with '-t 1' to
only spawn 1 thread.  I've implemented a clone() method in NVP to
create the alternate players, I just need to continue to debug and
figure out what all must be changed in the NVP code.  This afternoon
I'll be flying back to Los Angeles, and probably won't make a big
commit until Monday, when I have Internet at school.  As long is it is
ok with everyone I'll be continuing development in my branch after
Monday, as something like commercial flagging is never perfect. I'm
also at the point where I feel a lot of confidence about what is going
on in the codebase, so it would be a shame to stop now that I am
getting the hang of everything.

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