[mythtv] Play from last played position

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Sun May 29 02:54:59 UTC 2022

On 29/05/2022 2:22 am, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 28/05/2022 16:21, David Hampton via mythtv-dev wrote:
>> There should only be one LASTPLAYPOS entry per chanid/starttime pair.
>> I would expect that the BOOKMARK entries should also be one per
>> chanid/starttime pair.
>> This should also be true for the filemarkup table for tracking videos.
>> There should only be one LASTPLAYPOS entry per filename, and I would
>> only expect one BOOKMARK entry per filename too.
> FWIW playback from last played position works ok for me, in current 
> master.
> But the end marker in the cutlist editor has a problem:  go to end 
> (Page Down) goes to frame n, step back from that and forward again 
> (left, right arrows) goes to n-m, then n+1, and repeated stepping 
> *forward* from there alternates between n-m and n+1.

This is all what I expected.

I found my problem.

It *is* mariadb. From 10.2.1 onwards there is a stricter check on the 
string used for datetime type for DELETE FROM only. The Z at the end of 
an ISO8601 is not allowed. Thus the old bookmark/lastplayedpos was not 
being deleted before the new one was injected.

phpmyadmin with EXPLAIN pointed me in the correct direction. Strangely 
enough, SELECT, UPDATE, REPLACE all work ok with a Z suffix on the 
iso8601 string. The mariadb doco does indicate that trailing Z is not 
allowed but the DELETE FROM only behaviour is unexpected.

I have made a PR for further testing as I'm not able to test with mysql. 
Merge when you think its ok and delete the feature branch.



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