[mythtv] Play from last played position

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Sat May 28 03:03:26 UTC 2022

Hi all

Ive updated to master last week and have been using it and noticed that 
play from last position doesn't seem work. It always plays from the start.

Looking into this, I found that in the recordedmarkup table there are 
multiple entries for both LASTPLAYPOS and  BOOKMARK.

Also the query for the last played position grabs these into a QMap 
where the key is the frame number and the value is the type. These keys 
according to the QMap documentation are sorted in ascending order, 
however the frame number is taken as the first element of the iterator 
thus the lowest value (close to 0 (80) in this case).

This presents a design question.

1. should there be multiple entries in the recorded markup table per 
recording for each type or are multiple ok?

2. If the above is ok, then query should be pulling from the last key 
not the first.

What is the intended use and I'll fix this issue?

Using mariadb 10.6 (newly upgraded) but was on 10.2 previously. I don't 
think this is a DB issue.



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