[mythtv] Time to retire mythweb?

f-myth-users at lab.media.mit.edu f-myth-users at lab.media.mit.edu
Sun Dec 12 16:28:25 UTC 2021

To try to keep this a little on-track, I took a look at the thread on
-users from about a month ago (which I hadn't noticed at the time) and
it may be that simply commenting out the errant line might at least
let things proceed, though I have no idea if it might hit another issue.
[I've suggested that the OP might try that and report back; I wish I'd
noticed that in a more timely manner, but hopefully he will.]

It also occurs to me that it may be possible to set up a test framework
for this by installing Ubuntu 21.x/PHP8 anywhere (not necessarily on a
running, older backend) and experimenting that way.  So it seems like
maybe it would be possible to install the mythbackend package & apache
on some other host, don't start the backend there, and tell MW which
host it should be talking to.  I haven't tried this or looked at it very
hard, but maybe this would make it possible to create an enviroment for
debugging this without affecting a running installation.*

Does this seem reasonable?

* (Or, I suppose, just normally install mythbackend on a new host and
don't even bother trying to record from it and see if MW works at all,
but it'd still need a bunch of configuration to test scheduling etc
because it'd need some tuners and program sources, etc.)

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