[mythtv] Merged FFmpeg 4.4.1 into master

Scott Theisen scott.the.elm at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 21:55:24 UTC 2021

On 12/4/21 20:38, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 12/4/21 4:44 PM, Scott Theisen wrote:
>> On 12/3/21 09:06, Peter Bennett wrote:
>>> I have merged FFmpeg 4.4.1 into master from devel/ffmpeg-resync-0.
>>> Also I rebased devel/ffmpeg-resync to master, although at this point 
>>> that is going nowhere.
>> I'll rebase my pull request and add the reversion commits to make the 
>> testing of those easier.
> Actually I rebased your pull request in my local repository before 
> applying it. Obviously I would not be able to push the rebased branch 
> back to your repository.
I meant the current master with ffmpeg 4.4.1.
> Do you have any idea what caused the problem that Klaas had, where he 
> could not skip during playback? I was unable to re-create that.
No, I never found time to try replicating it, and then it was decided to 
just use the merge instead of my rebase.

I was making the reversions based on my reading of the code. However, 
since I have now added the reversion commits to my pull request, it 
should be easy to bisect if the issue is still there.
> Moving forward from here, I want to start planning for the next ffmpeg 
> version. FFmpeg master has advanced a lot since release/4.4 and I 
> think it best if we start with that. I attempted to merge FFmpeg 
> master into our FFmpeg master and there was a huge number of 
> conflicts. I imagine there will be a similar problem if we try to 
> apply your list of commits to FFmpeg master. I think they have done a 
> lot of cleanup and re-arranging of code into different files.
Some of the problematic commits:
avformat/utils: Make ff_compute_frame_duration() static · 
ulmus-scott/FFmpeg at c6d780b

avformat/utils: Move seeking code out into a new file · 
ulmus-scott/FFmpeg at cf7c51f

avformat/utils: Move demuxing code out into a new file · 
ulmus-scott/FFmpeg at bde2cdf

> Perhaps we can maintain a branch in MythTV that runs with FFmpeg 
> master, until FFmpeg branch off release/4.5 then we merge it back into 
> our master.
I think keeping the FFmpeg fork is a better idea.  The master branch on 
my fork is now FFmpeg's master.  Rebasing the mythtv changes onto ffmpeg 
master is a work in progress.

I would like to drop 
because of the ffmpeg reorganization and since they are from 2008, 
referencing the mythtv internal DVD player.  If the null dereferences 
these checks may prevent (they are probably redundant) still occur, they 
will probably be fixed by not using ffmpeg's internal headers and functions.



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