[mythtv] Merged FFmpeg 4.4.1 into master

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 01:38:43 UTC 2021

On 12/4/21 4:44 PM, Scott Theisen wrote:
> On 12/3/21 09:06, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> I have merged FFmpeg 4.4.1 into master from devel/ffmpeg-resync-0.
>> Also I rebased devel/ffmpeg-resync to master, although at this point 
>> that is going nowhere.
> I'll rebase my pull request and add the reversion commits to make the 
> testing of those easier.
Actually I rebased your pull request in my local repository before 
applying it. Obviously I would not be able to push the rebased branch 
back to your repository.
> If the reversions are acceptable, then the history can be "rewritten" 
> after merging the pull request by:
>  1. deleting the copy of ffmpeg
>  2. adding it back unmodified
>  3. applying the commits from
>     https://github.com/ulmus-scott/FFmpeg/commits/rebase/4.4m3
> That should separate and make obvious the MythTV changes from FFmpeg.
> Scott

Hi Scott

Do you have any idea what caused the problem that Klaas had, where he 
could not skip during playback? I was unable to re-create that.

Moving forward from here, I want to start planning for the next ffmpeg 
version. FFmpeg master has advanced a lot since release/4.4 and I think 
it best if we start with that. I attempted to merge FFmpeg master into 
our FFmpeg master and there was a huge number of conflicts. I imagine 
there will be a similar problem if we try to apply your list of commits 
to FFmpeg master. I think they have done a lot of cleanup and 
re-arranging of code into different files.

Perhaps we can maintain a branch in MythTV that runs with FFmpeg master, 
until FFmpeg branch off release/4.5 then we merge it back into our master.


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