[mythtv] Further tests of OpenGL Android

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 19:02:52 UTC 2019


Here is the result of further testing with different deinterlacers on 
Fire TV 4K.

YV12 with extra stage

1080i Linear blend 2x HW-GL - drops 7 frames per second
1080i Linear blend 1x HW-GL - No frames dropped
1080i Bob 2x HW-GL - No frames dropped
1080i Kernel 2x HW-GL - 16 frames dropped per second
1080i Kernel 1x HW-GL - 5 frames dropped per second
1080i deinterlace NONE  - No frames dropped

You had said that the Linear Blend 2x was previously actually only 
working as 1x - so this makes sense, now if Linear Blend 2x is working 
correctly it is doubling the frame rate and thus causing extra load.

Since the YV12 slowdown seems to be deinterlace related and you can 
avoid the problem by using Linear Blend 1x or Bob 2x, it is workable as 
is. People who have been using UVYV will need to make a change.


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