[mythtv] Firestick 4k music playback

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Sat Jan 5 22:54:00 UTC 2019

On 26/12/2018 11:22, Paul Harrison wrote:
> Curious to know if anyone is able to play music files in MythMusic on
> the Firestick 4k?
> I can get it to play but the playback is badly broken/choppy. Playing
> the same files on the Nvidia shield plays OK. Strangely playing back
> radio streams works fine. Audio when playing recordings/videos seems to
> work OK but the longest I've got it to playback is about 8 minutes
> before it locks up or crashes but the audio plays fine up to then.
> Paul H.

The workaround for the audio problem is to enable "Override SRC quality"
and set it to fastest. Any other setting causes audio problems for me,
even on some video files.

Paul H.

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