[mythtv] Some recording profile settings not ingested properly

Dan Wilga mythtv-dev2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Fri Oct 12 14:01:28 UTC 2018

I've been trying to debug a problem both another user and I are having 
in v29:


where not all recording profile settings are being read correctly. The 
end result is that, at least for the HD-PVR device, the bitrate settings 
present in the recording profile are being ignored.

By adding extra logging in RecordingProfile::CompleteLoad 
(libs/libmythtv/recordingprofile.cpp) I can see that the correct profile 
is being loaded. From a log of database calls, I can see that the 
settings are being retrieved properly from the codecparams table in the 

However, in MpegRecorder::SetIntOption 
(libs/libmythtv/recorders/mpegrecorder.cpp), profile->byName(name) fails 
to find any of the settings from that table. With the additional logging 
code I get:

SetIntOption(...mpeg2bitrate): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...mpeg2maxbitrate): Option not in profile.
SetStrOption(...mpeg2streamtype): Option not in profile.
SetStrOption(...mpeg2aspectratio): Option not in profile.
SetStrOption(...mpeg2language): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...samplerate): Option not in profile.
SetStrOption(...mpeg2audtype): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...mpeg2audbitratel1): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...mpeg2audbitratel2): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...mpeg2audbitratel3): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...mpeg2audvolume): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...width): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...height): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...low_mpeg4avgbitrate): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...low_mpeg4peakbitrate): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...medium_mpeg4avgbitrate): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...medium_mpeg4peakbitrate): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...high_mpeg4avgbitrate): Option not in profile.
SetIntOption(...high_mpeg4peakbitrate): Option not in profile.

It's as though the settings are being initially loaded into a part of 
the profile that is different from where it's being asked to look in 
SetIntOption and SetStrOption. The fact that the two settings beginning 
with "high_mpeg4" aren't being set is what's causing my HD-PVR to always 
record using the default values (the highest possible bitrate), which 
takes up considerably more disk space than similar recordings in 0.28.

Unfortunately, my understanding of how this should work is lacking, and 
so I'm hoping someone else here with more knowledge than I have can help.

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