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Images obtained from VAAPI do jot need to be copied into main memory to work with opengl. In fact you can directly use with opengl a VAAPI2 image handle. It's just like any other textures.

Just like we do vdpau, all those decoding backends can be directly used with opengl. 

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From: Peter Bennett
Sent: Saturday, 1 December 2018 16:58
To: Development of MythTV
Cc: Mark Kendall; Don Carroll
Subject: [mythtv] Playback next steps

I have added support in MythTV playback for VAAPI2 (VAAPI plus 
deinterlace plus ability to handle format changes) and Mediacodec. I 
plan to do the same for NVIDIA CUDA/NVDEC. 

However these new methods are passing images through main memory on 
their way to the output and using the existing OpenGL code for 
rendering, We need to pass images directly from decoder to graphics 
output to improve efficiency and to support 4K video at 50 fps. The next 
task will be to support this. I am not sure how this will work. The 
existing OpenGL code in MythTV does a lot of processing of each image 
and in order to achieve the required performance, some of this may have 
to be avoided. It may entail a new type of lightweight opengl that 
leaves out the extensive opengl processing of images currently 
undertaken, or may require new types of video rendering. 

My knowledge / experience with OpenGL is very little and I have found 
the existing OpenGL code rather difficult to understand. 

If anybody has information/ideas about how to proceed with this please 
let me know. 

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