[mythtv] How to get hold of the currently tuned tsid

roger roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Sat Nov 12 12:16:00 UTC 2016

On 10/11/16 20:10, roger wrote:
>  I need help on this!
> How do I get hold of the currently tuned TSID from inside an EIThelper.
> Specifically I need to get hold of the tsid of the current stream that 
> is supplying EIT table sections to the helper. This is not the TSID 
> that is carried in the EIT sections themselves, this is only valid for 
> "actual" EIT tables. If the EIT table section is for an "other" table 
> then the TSID in the table is only valid within the scope of original 
> network ID. For reasons that are specific to the United Kingdom 
> terrestrial television network I need to know the TSID of the actual 
> TS stream that is carrying this "other" data. In the DVB world this 
> information is carried as an informational item in the table id 
> extension field of the current PAT table for the transport stream 
> being processed.
> I was hoping that this was stored somewhere where it was easily 
> accessible from within the eithelper context. It does not appear to 
> be. The best place I can get it for active scans is in the 
> DTVSignalMonitor::HandlePAT , but this will require major hacking to 
> get that information into the eit helper. I have not looked at the 
> passive case yet.
> Anyone got any ideas?
> Roger

Forget what I said above. I think tsid may not be useful useful for what 
I need. Because UK DTT only uses one original network id for all of the 
uk multiplexes it cannot guarantee the consistency of version numbers in 
"other" tables. So I need to separately track the "other" table version 
numbers for each multiplex in a local transmitter group. So what I am 
really looking for is a way from inside eithelper to distinguish between 

Once again. Anyone got any ideas?


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