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Jonas Arndt jonas.arndt at thearndtfamily.com
Wed Feb 19 06:31:32 UTC 2014

On 02/18/2014 02:15 PM, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> On 19 February 2014 06:21, Jonas Arndt <jonas.arndt at thearndtfamily.com> wrote:
>> So what's your exports and fstab lines? I am worried I need to set some
>> other parameters. Mine are:
>> exports:
>> /data1/Recordings
>> fstab:
>> /mnt/backend nfs nfsvers=3,_netdev,timeo=14,intr   0
>> 0
>> bindfs#/mnt/backend /data1/Recordings fuse
>> _netdev,owner=howard,group=howard,perms=0000:u+rwD:g+rwD:o+rD   0   0
>> I still get freezes though. With and without the patch. The back-end is now
>> quiet but the front-end complains
> of course, you haven't done what I said *must* be done.
> For the frontend to stop using the myth:// protocol, it must think the
> files are local.
> So the recordings must be in the exact same location on the frontend
> as they are on the backend
> On your backend your recordings are in /data1/Recordings
> on your frontend, your recordings are in /mnt/backend
Actually, the bindfs makes the /data1/Recording directory available on 
the Front-end (it mirrors the /mnt/backend with permissions that allows 
the front-end to access the file system with read/write), see man 
bindfs. I did this as I wanted the front-end to have write permission 
and to get the correct permission when writing to that system. I wasn't 
sure if the front-end needs write permission or not.  A fuser -m 
/data1/Recordings/. shows that the front-end is indeed accessing that 
file system. I also see that the front-end is putting out the "Waited 
x.x seconds..." instead of the back-end. So it is my conclusion that the 
front-end is not using the myth:// protocol
> so your frontend has no idea where to find them.
> Also, why the use of such flags in your mount. You said yourself you
> didn't know anything about NFS, so no need to make it extra
> complicated. keep it simple.
It's not that I don't know *anything* about NFS. It is more that over 
the years I have come to hate it with a passion (too many issues with 
totally unresponsive clients due to NFS issues). There are many flags 
for NFS. There are also many pointers out there to what flags should and 
should not go into the NFS mounts for Myth. Specifically the Wiki has a 
discussion here: 
This is why I asked you. I was confused about all the flags and why it 
didn't work for me.
The _netdev flag is needed for the system not to hang when it is booting 
due to no network up yet.

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