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Le mardi 11 février 2014, Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com> a écrit :

> This is not "why I personally hate forums"; this is "why forums objectively
> have negative value compared to other forms of computer moderated community
> building".
No, it's "why *you* feel forums objectively have negative value"

There's nothing objective about this statement.

And why you always get a few very vocal individuals always kicking and
screaming whenever it comes to using new technology... But wait..  I've
been using pen and paper just fine all this time.....

I'm very happy with a forum.

Been using forums with tapatalk with great success.. I subscribe to the
topic I'm interested about and just those ones.
I can attach files and pictures so when a few years later I search for
things the content is still whole.
I can search easily, find related messages in their context.

The list goes on.

Ever try to google something about XBMC and notice on how most of the time
it points to their forums?

Very happy that we have a forum *and* distribution list.

If only people spent as much time bitching about things as contributing to
a project.
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