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Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Mon Feb 10 21:07:06 UTC 2014

> P.S. If this thread were on the forum, the latter half would have already been
> split into the 'Off-topic' forum. This little sidestep into 'why I hate forums'
> is meaningless since no-one is forcing you to use the forum. If you want to go
> through the 'old man angry at the world' routine, please take it elsewhere.

Nope, Stuart; I decline to let you palm that card.

MythTV is a *community* as much as it is a pile of source code; a *large* 
part of its utility stems from the very fact that that has been true for
all these years, whether a person's contribution to that has been code, 
documentation, wiki building, wishlisting, or just hanging out and making
it a friendly place to be.

This is not "why I personally hate forums"; this is "why forums objectively
have negative value compared to other forms of computer moderated community

And "I would have shunted it off into the OT forum" *is, in fact* the 
sort of "insufferable arrogance" I declined to actually accuse someone of,
just a few moments ago.

-- jra
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