[mythtv] Switching MythMusic to use storage groups

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Thu Feb 6 21:10:30 UTC 2014

On 06/02/14 19:59, Paul Harrison wrote:
> Yeah email me the errant.jpg I'll see if I can reproduce the problem.
> Which screen was this on and which theme?
Slowdown started when I returned from play list editor (directory mode)  
to current playlist and select track from album having errant cover.jpg
Theme is mythmediastream.
> Is this on a combined FE/BE machine or FE only machine?
FE only (diskless ION)
>> Also some side remark over mythmusic with large music collection: I 
>> have +30k songs. I was pleasantly surprised by mythmusic speed when 
>> You just publish new mythmusic converted to mythUI.
>> Now however - when I ask for playlist editor view  - I have to wait 
>> 3-5sec to any change on screen. I'm writing about this only because 
>> I'm pretty sure some time ago it was loading surprisingly fast and 
>> now is noticeably slower (so for me it is kind of regression).
>> This slowdown hasn't any relation to mythmusic move to SG.
>> Thx for Your excellent work!
> The initial version after the switch to MythUI was faster but 
> something has changed to slow things down but don't know what. I know 
> Stuart made a change to the sorting in the GenericTree that slowed 
> things down considerably but I thought we had addressed that one 
> already. The switch to use storage groups will only make things worse. 
> I'm sure there are changes that can be made to speed things up but I 
> want to complete the switch to storage groups first.
Ahh - I was probably not precise in my description. Performance issue is 
only with initial loading of playlist editor screen. When it loads (I 
mean user stat to see playlist editor screen) - all is OK. Issue is that 
loading this screen takes 5-10sec. Some users are telling me "look, it 
Of course I'm not talking about "all tracks" view as listing 30k tracks 
doesn't make sense :-)


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