[mythtv] Switching MythMusic to use storage groups

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Thu Feb 6 17:41:46 UTC 2014

On 04/02/14 14:52, Paul Harrison wrote:
>> Paul,
>> Just quick q:
>> When user removes some dirs with music and rescans - I see all music_*
>> tables are synced except
>> -music_albumart
>> -music_directories
>> It this by design, work-in-progress or bug?
>> thx
> It's a bug that has been there for a long while. We've never cleaned those up
> properly. Embedded images get removed from the DB but not from the on disk
> cache and the directory images and directory ID's don't get removed from the
> DB at all.
> I'll add it to my list of things to look at.
> Paul H.
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Thx for addressing this.
I'm playing little with current mythmusic. It works well.
On one time however, I had situation where whole fe started to be very 
slow (reaction on every key-press takes 5-10sec).
Looking on CPU usage shows 100% load on mythfrontend process.
After some investigation it looks like source of high CPU load is 
related to mythmusic current album cover displaying/loading.
I replaced cover.jpg to another version download from Internet and 
slowness gone.
Whole this tells me that:
-there is somehow low tolerance on graphics files (not strange as every 
software has its limits in tolerance of input data), or
-there is issue with mythui image loading/processing (as You and stuartm 
were disusing few days ago on IRC).
Unfortunately  - for causal user symptoms are not pleasant.
If You want to reproduce problem - I can provide You via PM errant.jpg file.
I think it will be worth to at least diagnose root cause - and maybe (if 
it is possible) - add some checks/filters/wahtever for avoiding such 
negative impact on user experience.

Also some side remark over mythmusic with large music collection: I have 
+30k songs. I was pleasantly surprised by mythmusic speed when You just 
publish new mythmusic converted to mythUI.
Now however - when I ask for playlist editor view  - I have to wait 
3-5sec to any change on screen. I'm writing about this only because I'm 
pretty sure some time ago it was loading  surprisingly fast and now is 
noticeably slower (so for me it is kind of regression).
This slowdown hasn't any relation to mythmusic move to SG.

Thx for Your excellent work!

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