[mythtv] Updating Video Metadata via the API

Martin Thwaites mythtv-dev at my2cents.co.uk
Mon Feb 3 21:35:31 UTC 2014

I've been putting together a change on the Service API to allow the user to
update the metadata via the API, however, after looking into the existing
code, there is a slight issue with the way I want it to work vs. current UI
functionality.  Therefore I need some feedback if the API is going to work

What I'm proposing is, simply allowing the user to update the inetref, and
then trigger an update from the grabber.

Therefore the user can do...


Then if the grabber returns a single result, it will replace ALL the
information (banners, description, homepage, etc.).  This is where
functionality would differ from the UI.  In the UI, if the values like
homepage, etc. have been set, it will not update them, only the Title and
Subtitle are overwritten.

The user will be able to pass "Title" and "SubTitle" as strings, but they
would be updated by the grabber if "Trigger Update" is set to true.

This also allows the user to update the title and trigger the update,
however, this isn't really that useful as it's easier to use the existing
LookupVideo method, get the inetref and use the above update.

To be clear, this is not a proposal to change functionality within the UI,
etc. and it's not a "change" in the API as the method doesn't currently

Any thoughts/feedback would be welcomed.

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