[mythtv] Can't compile MythPlugins 0.24.2 (tarball) on Fedora 15

Michael Hughes marynya at compuserve.com
Tue Mar 6 21:29:30 UTC 2012

Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:

 >  INCPATH for the Qt dir is created by qmake, and should be 
automatically added from the mythconfig.mak
 > created during the mythtv configure.  If it's not showing up there, 
the issue is either you have an incorrect
 > Qt install (incorrect mkspecs??) or that you didn't supply the proper 
arguments during the configure in mythtv.
 >  I'm guessing on the former

The INCPATH variables are being correctly set in MythTV 0.24.2 and also 
in MythPlugins 0.24.1.  In fact, MythTV 0.24.2 seems to be running fine 
with the binaries from MythPlugins 0.24.1 as I would expect. This should 
indicate that the QT installation is correct.

I don't see anything that looks useful in "configure --help" or in the 
README.  Is there more current information on the configure parameters 
or environmental variables required somewhere?

Something else I notice is that configure says that MythMusic will not 
be built because it cannot find the codec libraries.  --help looks like 
if you use /usr/local for the installation path, it may expect all the 
libraries to be in /usr/local/lib whereas the external libraries are 
going to be in /usr/lib. This was also not a problem with MythPlugins 
0.24.1 which built MythMusic without any complaints.

I'll start trying to dig into the configure script.


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