[mythtv] Can't compile MythPlugins 0.24.2 (tarball) on Fedora 15

Michael Hughes marynya at compuserve.com
Tue Mar 6 01:51:30 UTC 2012

The problem here is that the INCPATH variables in the various Makefiles 
do not specify the paths to the header files supplied by the QT 
Toolkit.  These are in directories such as /usr/include/QtCore, 
/usr/include/QtGui, etc.  They are specified correctly in MythPlugins 
0.24.1 and also in mythTV 0.24.2.  It looks like they just need to be 
patched in but I am just starting to study the source of this monster 
and I am not confident that I understand what is really going on.  Like 
is this supposed to come in from an environmental variable somewhere 
such as QTDIR which specifies the path to the library files?

By the way, I really appreciate the work which has gone into preparing 
the RPM Fusion binaries.  I originally used them to get started with 
MythTV and only started working with the source when I decided to look 
at contributing to the project.


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