[mythtv] Mythfrontend intermittently missing menu on first launch

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jan 23 23:53:39 UTC 2012

On 01/12/2012 12:14 PM, Alex Rasmussen wrote:
> I have just installed two new ASRock Vision 3D 137B (specs here: 
> http://www.asrock.com/nettop/overview.us.asp?Model=Vision%203D%20Series#Specifications 
> ) frontends for my system using openSUSE 12.1 x64. When booting a 
> unit, it will intermittently be missing the menu (only the theme 
> backdrop) is shown. Restarting the unit enough times will eventually 
> produce the menu.
> I have two other (Zotac) units running openSUSE 11.4 against the same 
> backend without problems.

The only time I've ever seen current mythfrontend (and 0.24.1+ should be 
current enough) hang without displaying the UI is when a user 
misconfigures the system--such as by telling MythTV that the database is 
on port 6543 (which is actually the backend port).  The Qt drivers try 
to connect, but never error out (or, at least, take longer to error out 
than most users are willing to wait).

Or, I've seen users /think/ it hung without displaying the UI when the 
user is running X without a Window Manager and MythTV pops up a dialog 
box (i.e. to ask for backend/database information) and--because there's 
no Window Manager--it ends up behind the mythfrontend window where the 
user doesn' t see it.

If you have any more questions, please ask on mythtv-users mailing list, 
and we can do a better job diagnosing the issue there.


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