[mythtv] RFE: Allowing backend to trigger S3 sleep while frontend is connected and idle

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Sep 26 19:38:00 UTC 2011

I'm glad S3 aspect pops-up as I want to add another aspect relevant to 
S3: sleep-resume on fe side.
Currently, basing on BE logs, I get impression BE threats frontend sent 
to S3 as fe which lost connection to BE.
I'm not verified it, but in past, long enough sleep period caused also 
lost of comm. mechanism on BE->FE direction.
Functional result was that i.e. any change done on EPG wasn't reflected 
on EPG on such FE.
I overcome this in my system by exiting mythfrontend process before 
sleep and launching it just after resume.
This adds 7-10 seconds more on FE resume phase and compared to 2-3 sec 
of OS resume is perceived as quite long period of black screen.
No big problem but if we are talking about new features - enhancements 
related to S3 support in myth should also cover aspect of multiple fe 
running in S3 sleep-resume regime.
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