[mythtv] API Framework has been committed (May break existing users of mythXML).

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Mar 10 19:46:52 UTC 2011

On 03/10/11 13:28, David Blain wrote:
>> had you considered making the protocol RESTful?
>> --
>> simon
> I would already consider this protocol RESTful.
> The only thing that I haven't added is the ability to use directory
> structure like URIs.  Currently it still depends on query strings for any
> parameters.
> This is something I was going to look into adding, since some clients (i.e.
> some upnp clients) have a problem with '?' '&' being in the url.
> Is there something that I've overlooked that makes these services not
> callable as RESTful for you?
> David.
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now that i reread what you said:
> Methods default to responding to GET requests, however some have been
> configured to respond only to POST.
>  (i.e. PutSetting will only work if called with a POST)  Any method that
> modifies files/data should be limited to POST requests.  This is done in the
> service class definition.
i see that they are
the "any method that modifies files/data should be limited to POST 
request" did not ring the right bell in my head. if you had said "is" 
instead of "should be" i would have got it.

but my question about the names of the methods still stands. i.e.

GetSetting/PutSetting vs settings with GET and POST

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