[mythtv] Plugin devel - wiki up to date?

James - coyoteboyuk at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 18 09:36:43 UTC 2010

Hi all, just to clarify....

The computer was not intended as a TV system, and will not be running tuners full stop, however I've not yet found a UI system that was as touch-friendly as the mythtv setup - the youtube/radio/CD/weather/gallery functions will be a nice addition to a kitchen computer but were not the primary reason for choosing it. I'd like to write a UI myself but I've not yet found a reasonably easy way of writing one (I'm an embedded guy, not a UI guy!). The primary use of the system is a waterproof, touch-only, pretty, controlled recipe/web/music terminal. If you have any other solutions in mind I'll happily re-think it, it just looks as though mythtv is likely to be the best for restructuring as I want, as far as I've found in my hunt so far. I checked out the other guys site, it failed on the port specified and failed again on 80, I might have just coincidentally caught a problem while I was looking, I assumed it was dead and gone - I'll get back there and check again, cheers.

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