[mythtv] New Arclight theme [+metallurgy TV OSD mod]

David Kubicek foceni at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 22:29:13 UTC 2010


I have to say, a job well done with the new Arclight there! Personally, 
this is the best new global theme yet, kudos to the author. :)


Just a couple of suggestions or wishes:

1) If you look at the screenshot, you'll see the LiveTV guide is not 
using all the screen-area it could. Would it be possible to move channel 
names completely to the left and have larger screen portion for the 
guide itself and fit in more time ahead?

2) Then LiveTV preview in the corner - it's not scaled down. The picture 
is actually full-screen size and I can see just the view-size corner 
part of it. Other LiveTV guides scale the LiveTV down.

BTW, I'm using VDPAU and today's SVN checkout. Because of VDPAU, the 
LiveTV preview is "blacked out" in the screenshot.

On a different topic - I have to mod UI region definitions in every 
theme I've used so far, because none of them use the "allocated" screen 
regions to their full extent. I need to fit in longer channel names etc. 
so I size UI regions more tightly and expand them where possible. 
Without this, all OSD messages are cut off most of the time (even with 
the default font @ small settings).

I'm attaching a mod for my current TV OSD theme, "metallurgy". Perhaps 
the author could commit it after a review? It's just a few minor 
modifications, a bit more economical. Some UI regions are enlarged to 
contain longer strings. Each region has at least a 5 "px" margin 
(instead of say 50) so no wasted space, but no ugly overlaps or touching 
regions either. Apart from that, program_info and browse_info have 
channel name & number added on the side and both look alike, so LiveTV 
channel info looks consistently with the browse mode. I defined a 
"verysmall" font, which may not be acceptable, but it can be safely 
removed and substituted by "smallgrey".

Thanks again and see you around,

David Kubicek

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