[mythtv] Ideas for MythMusic rewrite

Robert Pfeifer rpfeifer.public at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 13:08:09 UTC 2010

Here's a suggestion I don't think anybody's mentioned yet. Even if it 
doesn't make it into the first version of the rewrite, I think it's 
worth raising now, so that the code can be ready to accept it later.

Simply - suppose you have music as both MP3s and video files? It would 
be nice to be able to queue your music videos in the MythMusic player as 
well as your MP3s. MythMusic could then spawn the internal video player 
as appropriate.

After all, the distinction between music and non-music is ultimately one 
of content, not filetype, so if MythMusic is to be a music player 
plugin, as opposed to an MP3 player plugin :-), it should aim to 
incorporate this functionality.

This is something worth considering now, even if it is not implemented 
in the first revision, as it highlights other considerations. For 
example, it makes it all the more important that the music 
play/fastforward/etc. controls are as similar as possible to the video 
ones, for a seamless integrated experience.

There might also be implications for MythVideo - MythMusic would 
probably want the ability to play the video in the visualiser preview 
panel, for example, if the visualiser mode is not set to fullscreen.


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