[mythtv] Changing highlight/button-on settings in themes

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Feb 21 03:31:48 UTC 2010

On 02/20/2010 03:55 PM, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-02-19 at 23:22 -0500, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> The docs need a tree diagram to show provenance/inheritance of these
>> things, plus a description of what uses what/does what.
> I think that would need to be automatically generated as the inheritance
> used is somewhat up to the themer. But I just wanted to hijack this
> thread to ask you to share the color choices you come up with for
> MythCenter[-wide]. I've been basically using the ones from MythCenter
> which was updated by Kevin Kuphal to be readable. But the red color
> doesn't present well with the green bar and it is very difficult to
> tell highlighted from non-highlighted text, except for "normal" which
> we change from light blue to white when highlighted.
> I've just committed another update to the theme which makes sure that it
> looks similar at both 1920x1080 and 1280x720. But there are still a lot
> of oddities inherited from default-wide, like buttons that are too wide
> for their popup's background, scroll arrows that are outside their
> button lists so they don't get greyed out when inactive, etc. Once
> MythCenter-wide is better looking I'd like to backport a lot of the
> fixes to default-wide, but that will definitely be after the 0.23
> release; I don't want to muck up other themes relying on it.
> Other than the highlighting issue I also feel the scroll button
> placement is too inconsistent, the screen titles are too small and
> some on screen text is microscopic (like the sort order thingy at
> the bottom of the Manage Recording Rules screen). A lot of button
> texts are also not centered, and the Search button on many screens
> shows no text for some unknown reason. Finally, a lot of the picture
> elements and pop-ups from default are the wrong color and wrong size,
> but this is probably something to fix after back-porting the base
> fixes to the default-wide theme.
> -- Daniel

Since the scope of what you are discussing is more general than my 
particular question, some might consider it a thread jacking, but I 
don't. My concern was/is that the MythCenter-wide theme is not too 
readable. Maybe we can make some changes..

What was the commit number on your changes? I started this at the office 
with an email while printing numerous copies of a large document. Last 
night, while watching the Olympics quite late and for once there  being 
nothing being recorded I started an 'all-build' which pulled and built 
svn trunk 23572. So I am current.

Changes so far: in base.xml there are 2 places which use a rather blah 
green background hex #43b038 for a selection bar. I made those #000000 
and the accompanying line color #ffffff. This is to make this item's 
text element stand out on the screen.

In schedule-ui.xml, I did the same thing to the 'select-bar' in 

Now all items which have focus, for example in Watch Recordings (left 
and right column), System Status, Pfreviously Recorded, Delete 
Recordings, etc. come up with a black background, a white encirling box 
and bright text. The bright text is now much more visible.  Schedule 
Recordings->Program Finder shows this too, but not Program Guide as it 
does not use these widgets.

Thank you Paul Harrison, for the pointers, and the link to the 
color-picker. Most helpful. And Thank you, devs, for building the mythui 
framework and porting the code to this structure. Now that I have had 
some more time, I am in awe. Great work!

One thing I have noted, which I will attempt to play with, is to define 
shapes and properties for the png images presently stored in ../ui.

NOT SURE how to define a downarrow or uparrow however. But the 
rectangular images could easily be defined shapes...allowing exact color 
correspondence, throughout the theme. ("NOT SURE" = "Not a bloody clue 
at this point in time") Gonna have to RTFM....and in this case  F=FULL.

(well it beats reading the Rules of Civil Procedure...which is the 
volume presently on the nightstand and supposedly the next object of 

Daniel, I do not see anything different in this version. What did you 
change which would be noticeably different from a prior version?

And what needs to be fiddled with, exactly. I am willing to help. On the 
home setup I am using 1368x768 on an LG LCD. At work I am using the full 
1920x1080 on a Dell monitor, so I can look for and test for various 
sizes. (Well, officer,  I 'need' to have a myth setup at work for 
'testing' purposes....That's my story and I'm sticking to it!).


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