[mythtv] Changing highlight/button-on settings in themes

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Sun Feb 21 04:06:13 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-02-20 at 22:31 -0500, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Daniel, I do not see anything different in this version. What did you 
> change which would be noticeably different from a prior version?
> And what needs to be fiddled with, exactly. I am willing to help. On the 
> home setup I am using 1368x768 on an LG LCD. At work I am using the full 
> 1920x1080 on a Dell monitor, so I can look for and test for various 
> sizes. (Well, officer,  I 'need' to have a myth setup at work for 
> 'testing' purposes....That's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

Well most of what I did won't be noticeable at those resolutions.
I moved things around slightly so that they would look correctly
aligned at 1280x720 while remaining correctly aligned at 1920x1080.
At 1368x768 things will still look a bit askew. This is due to almost
everything being positioned absolutely. Until we extend MythUI with
some layout smarts this is unavoidable.

-- Daniel

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