[mythtv] Changing highlight/button-on settings in themes

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Fri Feb 19 23:18:11 UTC 2010

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> OK!  Changing the fill color from 43b038 to 000000 gave me a black
> background with a green edging in the right column of Watch Recordings.
> I changed ALL occurrences of 43b038 everywhere in ..../themes (damn I
> love sed) and being lazy, recompiled everything to install it to
> /usr/local/share/mythtv
> And the selection bar in Program Finder is still green....
> And I cannot find where it is defined (OK haven't really searched).
> Any hints, please?
> Geoff

In schedule-ui.xml find window called programfind change the
select_background shape.

Paul H.

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