[mythtv] Changing highlight/button-on settings in themes

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Feb 19 23:12:24 UTC 2010

On 02/19/2010 01:10 PM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> I am using trunk with MythCenter-wide. In various places the selected
>> item is highlighted with a green overlay, which makes things hard to
>> read. In particular, in Watch Recordings (right hand column), and in
>> most of the Program Finder pages (and Program Listings subpages).
>> Meanwhile the left column in Watch Recordings is highlighted
>> (bright/bold). I would like this behaviour: makes it easier to read
>> from the sofa!
>> I found button-on.png in mythtv/themes/MythCenter-wide/ui
>> But button-on.png appears to be used as an overlay ONLY on the main
>> menu pages.
>> I cannot find how/where the active/selected/has-focus item
>> characteristics are set.
>> Can someone please point me to the correct place?
>> Geoff
> I'm not to fond of the selectbar myself but it is growing on me :-) I do
> hate the bold fonts everywhere though.
> Anyway thanks to mythui and the way it uses inheritance fixing things to
> the way you want is pretty easy once you know where to look. Most of the
> lists inherit from "basebuttonlist2" which is defined in
> MythCenter-wide/base.xml. The shape that is used as the highlight is
> called "selectbar" so try a editing that until you find something you like.

OK!  Changing the fill color from 43b038 to 000000 gave me a black 
background with a green edging in the right column of Watch Recordings.

I changed ALL occurrences of 43b038 everywhere in ..../themes (damn I 
love sed) and being lazy, recompiled everything to install it to 

And the selection bar in Program Finder is still green....

And I cannot find where it is defined (OK haven't really searched).

Any hints, please?

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