[mythtv] DVD playback AV sync issues: all solved (?)

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 14:38:02 UTC 2010

> The patch has been reverted now, anyway; I may re-do it with KeepPhase and
> the frame allowance left in. But please, discuss. I would have liked to get
> more feedback/questions *before* the dang patch was applied.
> Davin
Patch works well for me. I tested it extensively on my test dvds (one of
which had av sync problem now gone). Didn't affect any of my recordings and
burnt videos. Live tv works fine too. I get the general idea of your changes
and I hope that other devs get time to review it and comment. i hope it'll
be one of the first things tackled after the next release is done.
thanks again for your work on this issue.

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