[mythtv] Seek (back and forth) broken in MythTV trunk r23186

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Feb 1 19:34:57 UTC 2010

On 02/01/2010 01:39 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>>> So I just want my old way back. And I wannnttt ittt NOW! (stamps foot,
>>> pouts...).
>> The change is in as of r23362.  Make sure Left and Right keys are no
>> longer bound to either SEEKRWND/SEEKFFWD or RWNDSTICKY/FFWDSTICKY and
>> all should work as you want.  If you haven't changed your bindings, it
>> will update them automatically.
> So I have conclusively proven that pouting works! Or stamping my foot!
> Seriously, thank you Michael. I grabbed 23401 and updated on Sunday
> morning, and it now works exactly as before. The only thing I had to
> do was remove the Left/Right bindings in TV Playback (which I had
> introduced to work around the interim (unwanted) state of affairs).
> Much easier to jump forward 4 minutes by a '4' and 'Right', than an
> 'I' to find the present position, mentally add '4' to that position,
> and them enter 'Pos'n +4' 'Skip-Back'....far too mentally taxing for
> any timeframe after about 8:00 pm!!
> So am I correct in reading the changeset, that 'StickyKeys' continues
> to exist but as an internal code? C++ is NOT my bag!

Nope. :)  (It's still in your DB, but the only place the setting exists
in code is in the DB updates that fix key bindings for users.)

The StickyKeys setting was a setting that just changed the meaning of
key bindings.  The proper solution to getting the StickyKeys behavior is
to have the appropriate actions available and allow users to customize
their key bindings as desired.

Basically, we already had something for configuring how keys work (key
bindings), so using a setting to configure how keys work just obscured
the behavior and made configuring Myth more confusing.  Really, how many
people would guess, "To adjust my keys, rather than go into Edit Keys, I
need to go into TV Playback settings and ..."?

So, I took what was a setting for changing key bindings and made it into
what it should have been--key bindings.

Granted, at the time the setting was introduced, we didn't have
MythControls (an easy GUI approach for editing key bindings), and we
didn't have the absolute seeks, and ...  So, it's one of those things
that made sense at the time, but is OBE (and, IMO, needed updating for
the current design of Myth).

Now, if you mean, "Does the functionality provided by StickyKeys exist?"
the answer is, "Yes."  Had I recognized the change to the
relative/absolute seeks when I did the original change, I would have
handled it at that point.  Unfortunately, I just forgot the overloaded
functionality for those keys.  So thank you (and thanks to Albert) for
letting me know about the additional effects of the change.

My goal is to take a lot of the settings we've acquired over the years
that are now buried in the settings area of MythTV and move them to
places where they make more sense.***  The shear number of times on the
list I quote settings and their help text and have to explain where to
find them tells me we need to simplify things a bit.  :)  (Not to
mention all the "if you have this set, then this happens, otherwise, if
you have this set, then this other things happens, unless you also have
this set, then ..." type responses I send.)


***And, once we change the action processing as David Engel mentioned
earlier in the thread, this particular change will make configuration
even more intuitive as we'll allow users to associate FFWDSTICKY and
or ... (or whatever the new "unbundled" actions turn out to be) to the
same key.

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