[mythtv] Screen setup wizard

Robert Pfeifer rpfeifer.public at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 12:50:14 UTC 2010

On 26/04/10 10:00 PM, mythtv-dev-request at mythtv.org wrote:

>> Anyway, is this DVD-related crash in 0.23-RC2 a known bug? If not, I can
>> recompile with debugging enabled and post a crash dump, which might help
>> identify which change would need to be ported from trunk to 0.23 to fix this
>> before final release.
> Without seeing a backtrace, it's all but impossible to know what
> particular issue it is, and whether it's known.

I'll follow the instructions on mythtv.org and get you one sometime this 
week. I just wondered if any of the commits between 24220 and 24258 had 
been specifically targetting a known DVD segfault, in which case I might 
have saved myself the time (but probably better safe than sorry, anyway).

>> In the screen setup wizard, the lower right triangle starts
>> off-screen (imagine if a rectangle were drawn around the triangle, and
>> the upper left corner of that box began at the lower right of the
>> monitor). Again, is this a known bug? If not, I'll open a ticket with
>> full info about my system.

> Regarding the screen setup
> wizard, if your screen overscans a lot, then it is expected that one
> or both of the triangles might be invisible.  That's precisely the
> behavior that the wizard is there to help you correct.

Nope, my TV/monitor (a Philips 32" LCD TV, connected by a VGA D-sub 
input) has no overscan. The edges of the ubuntu desktop and the edges of 
the screen coincide perfectly. However, in the screen setup wizard the 
bottom right triangle still starts way out of sight off the bottom right 
of the screen.

I first encountered this on my uncle's TV, using component input. His 
setup did need correcting for overscan, and bringing the bottom right 
triangle into the visibly correct location resulted in a screen area 
which was way too small, with desktop showing at the bottom and right. 
When I eventually found the correct setting by trial and error, the 
bottom right triangle was completely out of sight off the screen.

On my monitor, MythTV displays correctly with the default setup (i.e. no 
correction from the Screen Setup Wizard), and I just went to the wizard 
for testing purposes. If I do move the bottom right triangle so its 
point is in the bottom right corner of the screen, this corresponds to a 
reduction from 1280x768 (the native display resolution) to 1180x662, and 
I get a big band of desktop around the edge of MythFrontEnd. I note that 
this is a shift of -100x, -106y, which corresponds exactly to the size 
of the marker triangle. I suspect that on my system, for whatever 
reason, the bottom right marker is being plotted with its top left where 
its bottom right ought to be.

In a possibly unrelated issue, I also note that although I leave the 
"offset" at 0x0, the adjusted screen shifts downwards to reveal the 
Gnome menu bar at the top of the screen.

I'd consider both of these to be faulty behaviours, but I figured I 
should post here first in case the fault is mine, not MythTV's.


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