[mythtv] DVD seg fault in 0.23

Robert Pfeifer rpfeifer.public at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 03:53:24 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I have been using MythTV since 0.21, and for the past few months I have 
been running the version of 0.22 packaged for Ubuntu 9.10 
(0.22.0+fixes22594-0ubuntu1). I decided to upgrade to an svn release 
because I was tired of having to use an external player to avoid 
wrong-speed DVD playback, and because archiving had recently broken 
(?due to an update to the Ubuntu packaged version of ffmpeg).

First, I tried 0.23 RC2 from svn (0.23-fixes version 24220), with the 
intent of subsequently applying the patch from ticket #7067 if required. 
The source compiled fine, and the appearance of the user interface was 
much improved (previously, using 0.22.0+fixes22594-0ubuntu1 on a 
1280x768 screen with MythCenter-wide many fonts and buttons had been 
displayed too large). However, attempting to play any DVD resulted in a 
segmentation fault after "Play DVD" was selected. (Having read some 
other comments on DVD-related segfaults, note that I did not have 
"Monitor CD/DVD drive" checked, and it made no difference whether the 
DVD was in the drive at boot-up or not.)

I then upgraded to trunk (version 24258), and everything was fine. DVD 
playback no longer caused crashing, and all DVDs played at the correct 
speed (I had previously had bug #7067 behaviour for MythArchive-created 
DVDs without a menu, and some commercial DVDs e.g. Shakira: Oral 
Fixation tour). I didn't even have to apply the #7067 patch (is this in 
trunk now?). Also, mythArchive is working fine again for me too.

Anyway, is this DVD-related crash in 0.23-RC2 a known bug? If not, I can 
recompile with debugging enabled and post a crash dump, which might help 
identify which change would need to be ported from trunk to 0.23 to fix 
this before final release.

Congratulations on an excellent update - the post-0.23 trunk gives me 
all the functionality of 0.21, with the aesthetics and improved code 
base of 0.22. Definitely the best of both worlds!


P.S. I did notice two reproducible oddities.
i) In the screen setup wizard, the lower right triangle starts 
off-screen (imagine if a rectangle were drawn around the triangle, and 
the upper left corner of that box began at the lower right of the 
monitor). Again, is this a known bug? If not, I'll open a ticket with 
full info about my system.
ii) There's a Theme Picker entry in the setup menu, which does nothing 
(log: "Unknown menu action: THEMEPICKER"). Is this just space reserved 
for future enhancement?

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