[mythtv] Left/Right keys not jumping?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Apr 8 09:33:27 UTC 2010

Hi, just trying to debug why with recent 0.23-fixes my left/right keys 
cause the "sticky" version of fast fwd and rwd to engage (ie it 
increases the playback speed x3 and higher)?

Also and possibly related, when I check the keymappings and try to 
delete and re-add left/right as mappings for the " JUMPFFWD" binding 
then I get a warning that these are overriding the global options (which 
is true I guess?)

I assume there is some errant chain of logic in the playback code, but 
I'm struggling to find where the keypresses are handled on playback? I 
had assumed something like tv_play.cpp or NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp, but 
couldn't see what I was looking for in there?

Can someone please point me to the relevant chunk of code so that I can 
investigate further?


Ed W

P.S. Feature suggestion: it would potentially be useful to figure out a 
scheme for globally logging the keypress and decoded action? Having 
looked into the code a bit I don't really see a neat way of doing this 
at present, bar a ton of VERBOSE statements chucked everywhere in the 
code?  It's quite a large change, but is there some appetite to try and 
move to a design where we extract the various action commands into a 
separate controller chunk of code - eg think about MVC design that is 
currently so fashionable in web circles?
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