[mythtv] mythtv commit: r21860 by danielk

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 04:23:56 UTC 2009


2009/9/16 Glen Dragon <gdragon at jetcom.org>:
> I took the code freeze several weeks ago as that signal, and upgraded to
> trunk.
> IMHO, there are still substantial issues. It took me 2 nights to
> successfully upgrade, and i have frequent segfaults, freezes, etc.  In the
> past, prior to the mythui changes, i have always run trunk.. so i'm not
> afraid of some instability.. but this a little rough.
> I think the roughest part is the current unfinished nature of the available
> themes.

I migrated my system to trunk a few weeks ago, now upgrading on an
almost daily basis.

And I'm afraid stability-wise and usability-wise it isn't ready for
prime distribution yet.

I was away in the US for 10 days, the backend had crashed several
times during that time leaving my wife without TV for extended period
of the time (yeah, I know it can't be such a bad thing). However, this
never occured with 0.21-fixes running for months at a time.
I know this isn't a very constructive statement, as I have no
backtrace or anything like that to help, and as I am upgrading daily,
I don't see any crash as mythbackend isn't running for long period of

VDPAU playback is currently broken for me and from what I've tested,
many of my sample videos sent by NZ folk don't play at all since the
ffmpeg upgrade with vdpau. Due to the compression used, vdpau is
pretty much compulsory unfortunately.

I know everyone is working hard on making 0.22 a reality...

I didn't see much problem in creating a 0.22 branch now ; that's how
many development team operate, like FreeBSD ; they create a 8-CURRENT
branch the day FreeBSD 8 is announced, and that branch exists several
month priori any official release. It is however, kind of a pain to
manage two commits each time: one to 0.22, one to trunk


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