[mythtv] mythtv commit: r21860 by danielk

David Engel david at istwok.net
Tue Sep 15 16:57:22 UTC 2009

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 09:13:01AM -0400, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 23:21 -0500, David Engel wrote:
> > Why was this branch created already?  Surely there are more bugs to be
> > fixed or, at the very least, translation updates to be made before
> > 0.22 is released.  Even if no changes are expected, is there really any
> > post-0.22 changes that are so pressing they can't wait a week or two
> > for trunk to settle?
> It's been over three weeks since the feature freeze so few bug fixes are
> expected outside of the few things left outside the freeze. The question
> if everyone was ready for the branch was first asked in IRC last week
> and by yesterday the no one was left there with anything but one or
> two small want-to-fixes. I made the leap that the same general state
> would apply to the devs not present since only a couple devs needed
> more time last week, 

I've asked multiple times that important things like this at least get
announced on the -dev mailing list.  I don't fault you guys for using
IRC for discussing things.  Really, I don't.  IMO, however, the best
way to be sure to reach *everyone* is through the mailing list.  If
we're not going to use the -dev mailing list for important things,
lets drop the pretense, get rid of it and require all develeopers and
hard core users to monitor IRC 24/7.

> and if not applying a patch to both branches isn't
> that painful. I've been telling a number devs to hold off on certain
> commits until the branching, and that still applies if you have
> something truly big so that patching both branches in the next week
> or two until release won't be overly burdensome for bug fixers.

Having to check in changes to multiple branches is only one annoying
aspect.  The whole thing just seems premature to me.  IIRC, we've
always waited to until after we released or were very near before
branching.  We've been code complete for less than 24-hours.  Now
would be a good time to announce *that* and ask for more early
adopters to help test instead of immediately jumping into the next big

I'd also hoped to seem some discussion on how to better handle DB
fixes in 0.22-fixes and a possible 0.22-plus before things get added
to trunk/0.23.  If that discssuion has already happened, see above and
please tell me where it is summarized.

David Engel
david at istwok.net

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