[mythtv] RFC: Better handling of time changes for a Single Recording

Matthias Dahl ml_mythtv-devel at mortal-soul.de
Thu Sep 10 19:39:39 UTC 2009

Hi Stuart.

Thanks for taking the time.

On Wednesday 09 September 2009 18:53:59 Stuart Morgan wrote:

> I don't have time to go into depth right now, but I've been thinking about
> changing the timeslot recordings to do something like #2. We should be
> looking +/- x minutes before and after the scheduled time for a match,
> where x is based on the length of the program (not static or user
> defined).

Especially for timeslot recordings this would be a great improvement because 
it is rather unlikely that a show gets scheduled for the exact same time every 
week or day or whatsoever. It usually tends to be around a specific time.

> For "single showing" recording rules we should be again looking +/- x but
> we can afford to be more generous if we have the programid.

Does the programid of a specific program change if the EPG gets updated over 
the air (e.g. start time changes)? If it does not, one could actually only use 
the program start time for kSingleRecord and things would always be fine.

> I'd agree that the current behaviour is far from ideal and suggested
> workarounds are often either impractical or just not user friendly.

Unfortunately, MythTV has a tendency to favor the "lost/no recording" case 
somehow. Tying a single recording to its EPG listing and letting it go if the 
start time changes by a minute, makes not much sense. Actually following the 
EPG for changes would make a lot more sense in this case.
Another example is ticket #6897: The device handler shouldn't give up easily 
but keep on going like a normal PVR would do, so the user gets a corruption 
but the rest will be fine. But that's a different story.

All I wanted to say is, we should _always_ favor a partial or even partially 
corrupted recording over simply losing it totally. And naturally, we should 
try hard to record what the user scheduled and not bother him/her until really 
necessary like the show was replaced by something different on the EPG and we 
have no way of knowing what to do next.

Stuart, are you planing on working on this or should I have a look at it if we 
can settle on a single solution?

So long,

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