[mythtv] DVB-S2 (failure)

Maarten Hondelink linuxtvorg at hondelink.com
Mon Sep 7 16:03:21 UTC 2009

> FEC is missing from this string, but it's set to auto since the frontend
> reports FE_CAN_FEC_AUTO which seems to be only true for DVB-S
> transports. I attached a new patch to #5882 which doesn't change the the
> FEC to auto for DVB-S2 transports.
> Janne
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>Many Many thanks for all your effort bringing dvb-s2 to us Janne!
>There were no problems scanning s2 transports with your latest diff

>I have som troubles when tuned to hd channels but i think it is
>related to vdpau. I am going to update my nvidia drivers and se if it

>cheers Staffan

Hello Guys,

Maybe I am missing something.
Now trying mythtv revision 21279 and patch t5882_s2api_support_21279.diff
from Janne but I it wil still not lock on s2-channels. It works on
s-channels. Am I the only one with this problem? I have Tevii 460 with
s2lipianin drivers. scan-s2 works.



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