[mythtv] alphapulse caues 100% load but only on 1080p

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Sun Nov 8 16:19:02 UTC 2009


I started to play with main window refresh timer.
Maybe issue is an result of vdpau  design.
As for every screen refresh, repainting needs some time, I can imagine 
main widow painting frequency level, where time gap between consecutive 
paintings is lower that  paint  processing time. Easy way to verify this 
is linear decreasing refresh rate - after some level issue should go away.

I made some tests:
for 1380x720, going from 70 to 45 solves issue (first try; probably 
slightly higher is also OK)
for 1920x1080 I have 30=OK, 35=NOK

I made such tests on 8200 IGP with single-channel PC6400 memory.
As we can consider this hardware slowest available hardware with vdpau 
(and with slowest processing time), changing mainwindow repaint time to 
30 might be worth to consider.
Price for it are not so smooth transitions, but believe more coarse 
transitions are less evil than high cpu usage.


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