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buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 00:55:10 UTC 2009

why not just add this to the script at the point you want it to stop:

[ stop => 'stopped script by user request ... !'],

...or to just pause it at a certain point cut-n-pase this line into the script

[ pause => 'check  patch.... press [enter] to continue !'],

If you wanted to, it's nearly trivial to create different copies of
the script that each do a "different part" of the process ( eg
svn,build,package, as you suggest ), just delete the instructions
set/s that you don't want done from each of the three scripts!.   just
be sure to call them in hte right order... YMMV.


On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 3:53 AM, Jonathan Martens<jonathan at snetram.nl> wrote:
> On 30-7-2009 18:56, Simon Kenyon wrote:
>> i've been building on windows recently
>> with the patches from jeff lu to fix the audio/video sync it is quite good
>> however, i'm having a few problems building a distribution package
>> typos etc. cause it to fail.
>> the packaging is done right at the end (of course), but the script does
>> a complete download/rebuild before it gets there
> IIRC you can already decide not to build plugin/themes, this would also
> speed up compilation at the cost of missing some functionality/looks.
>> it would be really cool if the script had options to:
>> update from svn
> It always does this when the revision is different from the current revision
> of your checked-out version, if you don't want to you need to rebuild the
> same version over and over again and that is probably not what you desire.
> AFAIK after updates to the source you will need to clear out affected parts
> and rebuild them, doing this in the script is very hard I think therefore a
> general make clean && make is in the script.
>> compile
> AFAIK it has some basic checks to see if it needs to do so... although the
> multiple invocations of the clean routines are one of the causes that you
> will also have to rebuild. I commented a few out (only leaving the one where
> you will have to explicily specify it to run using the -l parameter).
> Apart from that I also modified the makeclean.sh script to remove some of
> the rm -rf jobs that are unneeded AFAICT, this also speeds up things.
>> package
> I never used to package it, so I can not judge on that.
>> all separate from each other
>> that way i would be able to test the packaging without the hour long
>> wait for the rebuild.
>> i realise that this is an enhancement request without a patch
>> hence it is on the dev list and not in trac
> You will have to build in a few more parameters and some if routines AFAICT,
> so perhaps you can supply a patch by trying to improve the script. :)
> Although I understand you did not take the time to do so as I have not found
> the time either to really test my patches and attach them to trac tickets.
> Kind regards,
> Jonathan
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