[mythtv] win32-packager.pl

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Thu Jul 30 17:53:53 UTC 2009

On 30-7-2009 18:56, Simon Kenyon wrote:
> i've been building on windows recently
> with the patches from jeff lu to fix the audio/video sync it is quite good
> however, i'm having a few problems building a distribution package
> typos etc. cause it to fail.
> the packaging is done right at the end (of course), but the script does
> a complete download/rebuild before it gets there

IIRC you can already decide not to build plugin/themes, this would also 
speed up compilation at the cost of missing some functionality/looks.

> it would be really cool if the script had options to:
> update from svn

It always does this when the revision is different from the current 
revision of your checked-out version, if you don't want to you need to 
rebuild the same version over and over again and that is probably not 
what you desire. AFAIK after updates to the source you will need to 
clear out affected parts and rebuild them, doing this in the script is 
very hard I think therefore a general make clean && make is in the script.

> compile

AFAIK it has some basic checks to see if it needs to do so... although 
the multiple invocations of the clean routines are one of the causes 
that you will also have to rebuild. I commented a few out (only leaving 
the one where you will have to explicily specify it to run using the -l 

Apart from that I also modified the makeclean.sh script to remove some 
of the rm -rf jobs that are unneeded AFAICT, this also speeds up things.

> package

I never used to package it, so I can not judge on that.

> all separate from each other
> that way i would be able to test the packaging without the hour long
> wait for the rebuild.
> i realise that this is an enhancement request without a patch
> hence it is on the dev list and not in trac

You will have to build in a few more parameters and some if routines 
AFAICT, so perhaps you can supply a patch by trying to improve the 
script. :)

Although I understand you did not take the time to do so as I have not 
found the time either to really test my patches and attach them to trac 

Kind regards,


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