[mythtv] Why MythTV didn't handle the UK Freeview lineup change

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Mon Jul 27 11:53:49 UTC 2009

John Barberio wrote:
> Stuart Morgan wrote:
>> I don't know how to explain the behaviour you report above but to 
>> suggest user
>> error.
> And yet, this was the behaviour I saw.

Can I test this? I am a UK user. There's nothing I watch on Virgin1
at the moment, so I haven't bothered to update my channel list. Can
someone tell me what procedure it is that the developers think should
work and John claims didn't work for him?

One complication is that I have xmltv set up to download only
Virgin1 and not Virgin1+1, so my test may not be equivalent
to John's.  What I currently see, looking at the listings in
MythWeb, is

1) Virgin1 has disappeared.

2) Virgin1+1 has appeared.

3) Virgin1+1 shows the programs one hour out, those shown being
the correct times for Virgin1.

Oh and another complication: on the advice of a friend, I use

"tv_grab_uk_rt --quiet --config-file /root/.mythtv/Freeview.xmltv | 
mythfilldatabase --update --file 1 -"

to fetch, rather than just calling mythfilldatabase.  Apparently it 
works around a problem where program changes for programs more than
a few days in advance didn't appear. I'm afraid I don't know the


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