[mythtv] Bug Triaging (Was Why MythTV didn't handle the UK Freeview lineup change)

John Barberio barberio at lineone.net
Sun Jul 26 18:03:08 UTC 2009

I will apologise for saying "hit all UK users", when I should have  
said "may hit all UK users", since I had no idea of the scope of those  

However, "Attention needs to be drawn",  was certainly not hyperbole,  
I don't expect devs to read every post on the user mailing list, so  
attention did need to be drawn there.  I do actually consider the  
rescan method used in mythTV a "Major design flaw", a full rescan even  
without this bug requires the user to know to delete channels  
themselves, and leaves it prone to this and other issues when lineups  
alter existing channels. And yes, in this case, the bug *does* "break  
use of mythtv as a Set Top Box system". I think you might be a bit  
over sensitive to instantly assign those as 'hyperbole' rather than  
just the way a particular person tends to phrase things.

I'm also confused as to why you say the issue was unclear, since  
there's a link there to the mailing list thread detail what the  
problem was, and the eventual work around. And I was never told the  
issue report was unclear, or asked for clarification.

However, even if you do decide all of it was hyperbole, that's no  
reason to close the bug. Nor is it reason to use a cryptic response  
when closing that provides no meaningful information.

The action should have been to *ask for clarification of the bug* and  
then close the bug as Invalid if no clarification comes in a  
reasonable time with a copy-pasted explanation of why the bug was  
closed. End users are not mind readers, and do not know why you closed  
a bug if you do not tell them, nor to provide extra needed  
clarification if you don't ask for it.

   - John

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