[mythtv] BluRay Subtitles...

Marc Tousignant drayson at net1plus.com
Tue Jul 21 12:43:50 UTC 2009

> Robert,
> Thankyou for the kind comments.
> I have been following the ffmpeg-dev list and have read the thread you
> have
> eluded to.
> I'm aware of the process in getting this into MythTV (via FFmpeg),
> however
> as I have not yet been able to display the subtitle in MythTV (or
> mplayer)
> I have held off approaching the FFmpeg dev team (as they are very
> busy).
> I was hoping this caught the eye of Janne or Mark K, and one of them
> could
> point me in the right direction to progressing this in the MythTV code.
> Stephen.
> --


I believe what Rob was trying to say was that Myth uses FFmpeg. If you can
get it working in FFmpeg and work with the FFmpeg devs, the Myth devs can
incorporate it into a future FFmpeg sync and work out any kinks that are
caused by the sync.
It sounds like you are trying to create the chicken without the egg. If you
can get it working in Myth it might not be backport-able to FFmpeg so you
have to create a new way to do it in there. And then the next sync breaks in
it Myth which means more work for the devs to find out how/why and fix it.

But, I may be completely wrong in my statement.


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