[mythtv] Flowplayer in Mythweb

Philip Nourse pjn at pobox.com
Thu Jul 9 15:04:04 UTC 2009

>> On 07/08/2009 04:48 PM, Rob Smith wrote:
>> > I'll compile it out soon, we won't release with that logo there.
>> Just an update for the rest of you on why this change didn't go in.
>> I took some time tonight to read through the GPLv3 and I'm pretty sure
>> that we can't remove the Flowplayer logo.  I'm definitely not a lawyer,
>> but after all of the work I've participated in on policies, agreements,
>> and contracts for Schedules Direct, I've gotten pretty good at seeing
>> the ways that legalese *could* be interpreted.


>Flowplayer is open source with devs who most likely want people to be able
to use it. One of the MythTV devs should at least ask the >flowplayer devs
if an exception can be made for MythTV, or to put pressure on them to
realize that this may not be the best way to >spread their software. I
haven't looked into it though, but maybe this requirement is their so they
can make people pay for a full license to >use it without the logo? In that
case they may not change their licensing, but they might make an exception
for a free open source product >>like MythTV.


I had a quick look at the license on the flowplayer website.  The license
explicitly says "Licensees that do modify the Program, taking advantage of
the open-source license, may not use the Flowplayer mark or Flowplayer logos
and must change the fullscreen notice".  In other words, if you modify the
code, they actually don't want you to use the logo, or associate trademarks
in in any way except to mention that the work was derived from Flowplayer in
the new copywrite notice.  

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