[mythtv] Segfault on start of remote frontend.

Damian O'Sullivan shabba at skynet.ie
Sun Jul 5 16:31:26 UTC 2009

On Sun, 5 Jul 2009, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> Looks like a segfault in the nvidia OpenGL library. But it would be
> helpful if you compiled Qt with debugging, then we could see what
> MythTV was doing via Qt when this happens. If you are using Qt via
> the distro packages there should be a dev package for Qt that
> includes the debugging symbols. You might also want to check that
> your nvidia opengl lib version matches the kernel module version,
> when they don't you get segfaults like these..
> -- Daniel

Thanks Daniel,

I am using ubuntu 9.04 so installed libqt4-dbg libqt4-dev-dbg. These did 
not help change the info in bt.

Also my libs are :

damian at myth-bedroom:/usr/lib$ sudo ldconfig -v | grep GL
 	libGLU.so.1 -> libGLU.so.1.3.070300
 	libQtOpenGL.so.4 -> libQtOpenGL.so.4.5.0
 	libGL.so.1 -> libGL.so.180.60
 	libGLEW.so.1.5 -> libGLEW.so.1.5.0
 	libGLcore.so.1 -> libGLcore.so.180.60

And dmesg :

NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  180.60

Any ubuntu users know if they are the right debug packages?



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