[mythtv] New thetvdb.com query engine (grabber)

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Mon Feb 9 16:35:57 UTC 2009

Jean-Yves - "Did you use similar function/class structure to the 
original imdbpy.py script ?
find_meta is great for automating the scanning of a directory"

No I did not code to use a similar function/class structure to the 
original imdbpy.py script.

In the past I did not use mythfrontend but rather used Mythweb. With the 
coming addition of fan art and banners and the new themes, I want to use 
Mythfrontend to catalog my entire video collection, not only video files 
on hard drive but also my DVD's. I ended up creating a directory just 
for DVDs and created zero length files named after each DVD. Through a 
wrapper script I downloaded graphics (Posters, Fanart and Banners) from 
themoviedb.com and thetvdb.com for all my DVDs and video files 
(transcoded HD-PVR recordings and TV shows from my DVDs).

At this point I needed a mass updater that would add meta data including 
Poster links, so I integrated ttvdb.py with find_meta.py and added some 
personal features (e.g. check for missing Poster links and update if 
that Poster is now available). This was made to the find_meta.py version 
as of trunk r19951. Due to the recent removal of IMDB.py I did not 
submit this patch. I would have no problem sending you the patch if you 
like. I have on my todo list to check out the recent changes to 

Even though ttvdb.py conforms to the tmdb.py command line standard it 
has some subtle features that may make mass updating more efficient. 
Here are some examples:

1) You can have multiple information requests in one call:
 > ttvdb.py -P "Fringe"               # Gets you all Poster URL(s) for 
the TV show Fringe
 > ttvdb.py -PBF "Fringe"          # Gets you all Poster, Fan art and 
Banner URL(s) for the TV show Fringe

2) With one call you can get all data for a TV series
 > ttvdb -DFPB "Sanctuary"       # Gets you all graphics Urls and all 
episode data for all seasons
 > ttvdb -DFPB "Sanctuary" 1    # Gets you all graphics Urls and all 
episode data for only season one

I added this flexibility as tmdb.pl is movie focused and TV series have 
more layers (season and episodes).

With all that being said I am not adverse to making changes if it allows 
for better functionality but adheres to the future direction of MythTV.


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